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Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Dear Readers,
This edition, we’ve got a real goody bag of treats in store for you. Michael Gaylord guides us through the many wonders of his native country in Oh Canada, while, heading for the clouds, Jonathon Sidor investigates the price that people are prepared to pay for a glass of fresh air in Up in the Air. Following what might be another fad; Daniel Sandford samples the exotic flavour and health properties of the camel superfood, Desert Milk. Staying with the wacky, he pops over to London to track the rise of the eccentric and ambitious former mayor, Boris Johnson - World King.

Steve Sibbald attempts to peel off the mask from Facebook’s facelift in his article, New Formula for Facebook, while Robert Galea sees the big boys, Apple and Samsung, slug it out in the tablet market in our cover story - Battle of the Titans. Our businesswoman’s profile, by Janet Sandford, follows the elegant former synchronised swimmer and highly influential financier Christine Lagarde, as she navigates the perilous waters of the International Monetary Fund. If that all leaves you feeling a little jaded, join David Ingham as he puts work to one side to take part in the latest craze of adult colouring books in You’re Never too Old. Have a great read and don’t forget to sharpen your pencils!

Janet Sandford