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Capitalism: Reversible
Sexy Trucks?
Streaming Big Mouths
Embracing Ambiguity

George's short and tall tales

The Power of a Number Two


Nord Stream 2: Trouble in the Pipeline
Opening Up the Atlantic Trade Route
Hyped Up About Hyperloop One

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Getting on The New Silk Road  
War of the Worlds: Western Businesses in China

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From China With Love  

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Safra Catz: the Oracle Lioness

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Bizarre Business - When Stupid Is Smart


White Hat Hackers: Making a Profit with Bug Bounties


Malaysian Melting Pot  
Global Goliaths: the Top 10 Business Travel Destinations


Picking Out the Pixel
Artificial Stupidity?

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Guru Review: Sean Gardner - the Digital Storyteller  

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Workplace Dialogues – the Meeting
Language Test

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 Dodatek "Film Terminology"

Letter from the Business English Magazine Team

Dear Readers,
in this edition of Business English Magazine our authors focus on China. Michael Gaylord presents a new comprehensive strategic partnership between the governments of Poland and China (page 26), Jonathan Sidor transports us to the Far East to get a first-hand look at the problems plaguing Western companies that function in China (page 31), and Roberto Galea unveils the story of Jack Ma, the entrepreneurial Chinese CEO of the world’s largest online retailer, Alibaba (page 36). Interested in more profiles of famous businesspeople? Especially for you, our author – Janet Sandford, unveils the story of Safra Catz, an executive in the Oracle corporation, one of the world’s top earning females according to current sources (page... ).

Our authors also delve into two important international issues - the signing of the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement – CETA (see page 16) and the plans for building Nord Stream 2 - a twin pipeline system through the Baltic Sea transporting natural gas from Russia to the European Union (page 11). Need to relax while visiting faraway destinations? This time Business English Magazine’s Janet Sandford enters the Asian paradise - Malaysia. Talking about travels... how about visiting top 10 business destinations of the world? Especially for you Jonathan Sidor unveils the most popular destinations for corporate globetrotters on page 58.

As for technology, take a look at Steve Sibbald’s Picking Out the Pixel and Jonathan Sidor’s Hyped Up About Hyperloop One. George Sandford analyses the wackier success stories in Bizarre Business - when Stupid Is Smart – turn to page 44 to read about some surprisingly strange products and services that not only worked, but made their creators a mint. Enjoy your read!

the Business English Magazine Team