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Conservative Clothing Colour = Interview Success?
Revving Up Your Emotions

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The iPhone's Introduction


Czech Mate: Investing in… Czechia


NATO in the Post-Truth Age  
NASA’s Wonder Women
School’s in Session

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Donald in DC  

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A Snapshot of Evan Spiegel

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Eileen Fisher – Simplicity Personified  

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New Job? It’s a Date
The Sneakerheads of Wall Street


Scotch Whisky on the Rocks


Finland – Land of a Thousand Lakes  


Charging Ahead

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Guru Review: Chris Anderson – a Man with Ideas Worth Sharing  
Picking Up That Pay Rise
Breaking the Habit

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Workplace Dialogues – Change Is in the Air
Language Test

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 Dodatek "Fintech"

Letter from the Business English Magazine Team

Dear Readers,
It’s been a shaky old time of late, what with Brexit, President Trump and his alternative facts, but at least you can rely on BEM to appear and help you keep your business knowledge and your language skills up to speed.

Indeed, Donald himself takes centre stage in this issue, as Jonathan Sidor takes on the unenviable task of trying to predict what lies in store for us all in the Trump era, while Michael Gaylord looks at how NATO might be affected by the current situation. Brexit also rears its ugly head inside, as Mr Sibbald ponders what lies in store post-Brexit for Scotland’s biggest export earner – whisky. Will it be a tonic, or will it leave the industry on the rocks? Heaven forbid!

If all this rotten news is getting you down, then perhaps you need to get away from it all? Look no further – BEM gives you the low-down on Finland and the recently rebranded Czechia… Where, I hear you ask? Read on to find out.

On a lighter note, Janet Sandford gives us an insight into the world of Eileen Fisher, a fashion guru influenced by Catholic school uniforms, and Chris Anderson – the man behind TED, the inspirational talks, not the foul-mouthed bear.

Elsewhere, look out for a new feature, Moments in Business History, beginning with the sparkling moment when Apple launched its first iPhone to an unsuspecting world. So, smartphones at the ready, tablets turned on, turn the page and launch yourself into the latest edition of BEM. Happy reading!

the Business English Magazine Team