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An Amazonian Dream

moments in business history

Triumph at Tencent


Poland's Arsenal of Exports


Shale Gas - Friend or Foe?
Qatar's Quagmire
The Magic of Coffee
We Have Three Years Left to Save the Earth
Arresting the Global Bee-pocalypse

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Cryptocurrencies - The Future of Money?  

business lifestyles

Faltering Fashion - The Michael Kors Story  

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The Power of Women

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Surviving the Dreaded Commute: Carpooling and Beyond  
Seeing Green in the Office
Profiting from Fidgets  


The 'Fifth' Currency - Here Comes the Yuan!


Pakistan - A Perplexing Destination


Can Sales Calls Survive in the Digital Age?

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Guru Review: Nathan Allen Pirtle - From the Hood to the Media Good

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Workplace Dialogues – Ethical Conundrums

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   Dodatek "Successful Business Presentations"

Letter from the Business English Magazine Team

Dear Readers,
It can be a trifle hectic putting BEM together for you, especially around printing time. Some of us here at BEM Towers can feel under the strain and get more than a little peckish. What we need is something to pick us up, give us a boost and get us over the finish line. Fortunately, help is at hand. This month’s cover story shows us how the right snack, or light lunch can give some va-va-voom to weary execs. Superfoods – are they super? Are they food? Michael Gaylord has the answers.

Sometimes, though, a sumptuous repast isn’t going to suffice to recharge our business batteries. We need a holiday, and we need it now. Never fear, Janet’s here – whisking us all off to Thailand for some smiles and street food, while avoiding the fleshpots and ladyboys. If you’re wondering about how to get to Bangkok, well, we may have the answer there, too. Does Warsaw need another airport? How is Chopin, or Okęcie, or whatever you want to call it, aiming to shape up to the future. Will WAW become a major international transport hu2, or something of an idyllic aviation backwater? Read on.

Elsewhere this month we take a look at the thorny issue of abortion, a start-up that’s promising the elixir of youth, weird and wonderful apps to solve problems you didn’t even know you had and we even give you the low-down on the profitability of pedigree Pomeranian pooches. Could you possibly want for more?

Tarry not, flick the page and peruse the panoply of articles we’ve prepared for you. Right, I’m off to get a sandwich. What will it be? Cheese and pickle, or quinoa and avocado salad? I’d better read the cover story first…

the Business English Magazine Team