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Betamax’s Blunder


Rail Baltica “Project of the Century”
Tourists Not Wanted  
Uber Hires a New Driver
Down in Britain

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Sex Robots the True Potential  
Revenge Porn  
The Odd Job Compendium

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Giving It Away – How the Super-rich Are Redistributing Their Wealth

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Radiant Pioneer

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Cuckoo for Cocoa


The Blockchain Blockbuster technology
Governments Fuming Over Dieselgate


The Elegance of Edinburgh  

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Daniel Levitin - A Great Mind in Harmony  

business language Workplace Dialogues - Eager About Email

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   Dodatek "How to Write a Business Email"

Letter from the Business English Magazine Team

Welcome once more, dear Readers,
You hold in your hands another bumper edition of BEM, packed to the gills with interesting articles, fab vocab and sage advice.

Never let it be said that BEM is not intrepid in its reporting. This month we boldly go where few magazines have gone before, as we plunge into the controversy surrounding sex robots. Jonathan Moore weighs up the pros and cons of these technological temptresses and ponders what to do when the batteries run out mid-cuddle.

Equally tricky terrain is explored by Raymond Clarke, in our cover story, as he dishes the dirt on the nasty trend for revenge porn, before dashing off to hurriedly delete the photos from his mobile phone.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Sidor has been snorting cocoa, of all things, to see if it really perks you up, or if all it does is leave you with a rather silly looking brown stain on your top lip. Elsewhere, Jan Sandford examines Dieselgate, and how VW landed itself in the mire by cheating emissions tests, and ends by revealing that they might not be the only motor manufacturers who’ve been making mischief.

Of course, we’ve also got all the usual features you’ve come to expect from us, so as to help you polish up your patter and broaden your repertoire, as well as a really rather swanky little supplement to give your business presentations more pizazz, so what are you waiting for? Dive on in and enjoy all that we have in store for you.

Happy reading!

the Business English Magazine Team