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   Dodatek "Fitness Vocabulary"

Letter from the Business English Magazine Team

Welcome to 2018!
Now, let’s get down to business. For those of you who’ve been overindulging during the festive season and are feeling slightly flabby - you’ve come to the right place. Our cover story is about the booming fitness market, now raking in gazillions of moolah around the globe. Janet Sandford takes us through the latest trends in training and feeds us the basic facts about the industry. Want to know which fitness guru to follow? Janet’s got that taped. Or perhaps you’re more interested in getting a nice fat wallet? Open up a gym and you’ll be rolling in dosh - Michael Gaylord tells you how.

For those of you for whom the mere thought of working out is anathema, don’t worry - we have more than just sweatbands and Lycra. We have a headbanging captain of industry, grim news of indebtedness in the UK, and on page 14 Robert Galea casts some light on North Korea’s shadowy dictator. Meanwhile, if all this page-turning is making you hungry, why not let Jonathan Sidor take you to Burger King? Just don’t expect him to pick up the bill. Or perhaps you want to leave Europe behind and fle7 the grey winter skies for sunnier climes. How about South Africa? Let Ms Sandford be your guide and you can plan a tranquil trip to the rainbow nation.

Hopefully, all that will be enough for even our most demanding readers to exercise their English, stretch their vocabulary and strengthen their grammar, leaving their languages in tip-top condition for the months to come.

Read on and enjoy.

Oh, and a Very Happy and successful New Year
to all our readers from everyone here at BEM!

the Business English Magazine Team