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Foster Slams Superheroes

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Sturdy Saab Automobile


Ritzy Rwanda?
Look Out Uber, There’s a New Kid on the Block.
New Deals for Deliveroo

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Profit with a Purpose  

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Different Trends in Adult Clothing

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Meghan Markle – The American Royal  

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New Zealand – Land of Dreams  


The SEO Minefield – Sorting Out the Internet
Elevating Towards Electric

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Caroline Goyder – Helping to Achieve Gravitas  
Does It Still Pay to Unionise?
Why Won’t Wages Rise?

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Workplace Dialogues - Cut-throat Competition

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   Dodatek "Shopping for Organic Food"

Letter from the Business English Magazine Team

Dear Readers,
Welcome to yet another bumper edition of BEM, your favourite magazine combining insightful articles on business trends with the opportunity to maintain or improve your command of English - a great way of enlivening the wait for spring to arrive. Speaking of which, are you sitting there, pondering the meaning of life, wondering what you’re doing or why you’re doing it? Well, we have the answer for you. It’s called the Meaningful Economy, and Jonathan Sidor will guide you around and show you how to make a difference in your business and, perhaps, in your life.
v Difference is also a key word in the countries we visit in this edition of the mag - New Zealand is different, and so much more than just ‘a poor man’ Australia’ as Janet Sandford finds out on your behalf. Mr Sidor, meanwhile, has been on a safari, glorying in the glitz, glamour and gorillas of Rwanda - not the top of your average bucket-list destinations, but clearly an up-and-coming tourism star.

Elsewhere, BEM’s very own fashion icon Steven Sibbald digs out his onesies and his romper suit and researches the bizarre-sounding trend of adults wearing outsized kiddies’ clothing. Yup, this apparently is a thing.

Also going retro, Roberto Galea gets into the groove and looks into why vinyl records are refusing to lie down and die - despite the digital domination. We also take a look at how to become a princess, how to achieve gravitas and how to get to the top of the Google charts - and more besides.

So, put on a smile, pour a coffee and get down to reading your new BEM. Enjoy!

the Business English Magazine Team