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How to Start and End Emails Perfectly

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Nintendo Moments in Business History


Carillion: For Whom the Bell Tolls
Bad to the Bone: America’s Worst Workplaces
Amazon’s Next Nerve Centre  

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The Queen and the Business of Monarchy  

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Hush – Time for a Bedtime Story

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Georgette Mosbacher - A Remarkable Success Story

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Opals – A Gem of an Investment


The Maldives – Trouble in Paradise  


Test Your IQ With HQ

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The Incredible In-N-Out
Kelly McGonigal – Befriending Stress  

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   Dodatek "On a Plane"

Letter from the Business English Magazine Team

Greetings fair BEM readers,
We ask you all to curtsey, bow, go down on bended knee, abase yourselves and otherwise grovel before the wonder that is Her Majesty Lizzie II. Yes, friends, this month BEM brings you the Queen. Desperately seeking a knighthood, Janet Sanford does her best to impress England’s ageing monarch and presents to you the business figures on one of the modern world’s most remarkable PR and marketing phenomena.

From the best to the worst, we also take a look at America’s most hated companies. Rotten service, dubious practices and security lapses abound in this top ten, which is actually a bottom ten. Also on the naughty step, we proudly present Carillion, a company which managed to pay its top execs top dollar while vaporising the pension fund and accidentally going bankrupt.

Continuing this issue’s roller coaster ride, we then swoop back up to the heights to grab a bite of the best burger in the burgerverse. Find out about the fast food chain which isn’t a chain, which pays its burger flippers fair wages, and all while selling the best tasting grub imaginable - even getting the seal of approval from such gastronomic luminaries as Gordon Ramsey and Anthony Bourdain. Do try not to dribble too much while reading - especially if there are electronics nearby.

In between these delights, we still have time to take you to the Maldives, up the Amazon and off to bed in super PJs from Hush. And there’s more - language tests, business briefs, book reviews, all the usual stuff.

So, dive in and happy reading.