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Traders Move to Blockchain Island

moments in business history

The Notorious Napster


Coming to a Global Corner Near You: PolCham
Palm Oil  
Closed - British Retail in Crisis
Down With Tourism
A Farewell to Arms?
China’s Xi Jinping: President or Potentate?
China Charges Forward

business profile

Airbnb Goes Upmarket  

cover story

The Free World’s Best Hope?  

business woman

May-Britt Moser - GPS for the Brain

business trends

Behemoths of the Sky


The Canary Islands - Spoilt for Choice  


Will Robots Steal Your Job?  

managing people

Doctor Amen - Saint or Sinner?  

business language

Pressing Problems

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Influential People
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Letter from the Business English Magazine Team

Greetings all BEM readers,
Welcome to another bimonthly edition of your favourite business mag, jam-packed as usual with interesting info, valuable vocabulary and business know-how. We begin by looking at political dynasties. Our main story concerns Justin Trudeau, Canada’s hunky head honcho - himself the son of a former Canadian PM. Michael Gaylord investigates whether the image is still intact or if it has tarnished over time after the initial love-in with the media. We also give you news on developments in China, where Xi Jinping seems to be trying to install himself as leader for life, while his family enjoys an ever higher profile.
Elsewhere, we take a trip to the Canary Islands, both for a bit of a holiday and to check out the business potential. Speaking of hols, if you’re looking for some luxury accommodation, you need to read the piece about Airbnb, which appears to be muscling into the high end of the market. And if you’re looking to travel, then you might like to hear about the latest trends in air transport in Behemoths of the Sky, and why big is beautiful.
When you land, though, you might not want to actually get off the plane. In many places, locals have had enough of the swarming, sweaty mass of tourists heaving through the streets, the loudness and the litter.
Then we’ve got the gurus, the personalities, the tests, the dialogues and all the other stuff that makes BEM so satisfying. We’ve had fun preparing it for you - we hope you’ll have as much fun perusing the pages that follow.

Best regards, the BEM team.