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Kodak’s Kiss of Death


No Cash Please – We’re Swedish  
Poland – the Kuwait of Europe
Australia’s Impending Fuel Crisis
Baltic Pipe – Nordic Energy for Europe
Monaco Mobbed
Bicycles Out of Control

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How to Control Stress  

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Movie Theatres Branch Out

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Mo Abudu – Queen of Africa  


Taxing Times


Luxembourg – Much More than a Bureaucrat’s Banquet


Rancid Ransomware

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Josh Kaufman and the Personal MBA  
Untidy, Uncouth, but not Unintelligent

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Letter from the Business English Magazine Team

Dear BEM reader,
Please could you just give me a moment? Can’t you see I’m busy? Look, stop hassling me, this is all too much - I’m going to explode! And….. breathe. This month’s edition of your favourite bimonthly business bumper gives you the low-down on how to deal with stress. Janet Sandford gets out her yoga mat and will show you how to realign your chakra, and even those of your employees.
In fact, the stress-busting advice is going to come in handy, because there are a few stories in this edition that could send your blood pressure through the roof. Jonathan Moore drops the bombshell that Australia could be about to grind to a halt due to a total lack of fuel, there are bicycles being dumped everywhere - mostly in canals, Jonathan Sidor introduces us to the evils of ransomware, in which computer bugs kidnap your data, we have an article on taxes, which are never good news, and in Sweden, people are up in arms because the country is abolishing money - well, the hard copy form of it, anyway.
But wait! Before you drop the magazine and run screaming for the hills, we also have some excellent de-stressors to keep you on an even keel. Janet Sandford, having already shown us how to chill out, also takes us to the idyll known as Luxembourg for a relaxing weekend or longer. We also have news that Poland is sitting on an absolute gold mine, or molybdenum mine, or something like that, and could potentially become a resources potentate to match Kuweit. Michael Gaylord takes us to the cinema and actually pays for the popcorn, and Mr Sidor drags us round the delightful streets of Monaco where we can rub shoulders with the rich and famous.
So, you see, this edition of BEM is like life itself - a roller coaster of ups and downs, highs and lows. So strap in, sit tight, and enjoy the ride.
Happy reading!