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in brief

Oslo’s Outstanding Achievement
Supercharged Sulphur Batteries

moments in business history

The History of the Nobel Prize


The Climate Change Conundrum


The Airbnb Effect
Transformational Thinking on a Global Scale
Singing Sanna’s Praises
Google Founders Step Down – But Where To?
Russia Reins in the Internet
Mothercare - From Cradle to Grave
Volodymyr Zelensky – Servant of the People

cover story

Is Fake News Real?

business woman

Melanie Perkins – Design Thinking


Masterful Mentors


Country profile – Cyprus


A Tech Giant Slips?
The Next Wave is Coming
The Great Electric Car Race

managing people

Michael E. Gerber - Master or Myth?

business language

Business Dialogues: Talking about Self-Development

at the end

Influential People
Book & Film Reviews

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