in this issue:

in brief

Virgin Orbit Crash-lands
Digital Nomad at Sea

moments in business history

Marvellous Marvel


Japan’s Changing Energy Strategy
China’s New Green Hydrogen Gas Pipeline
TikTok Taking Over
Guyana’s Well-Oiled Economic Miracle
UK PM Rishi Sunak: Progress Report
Talcum Powder

business woman

Reshma Saujani – Embracing Failure and Bravery

cover story

Bernard Arnault – A Life of Luxury

business trends

Silicon Valley Bank – Boom to Bust


The Cost of Chinese Loans




Can You Hack It?

managing people

Steven Bartlett – The Missionary’s Son who Turned into an Angel

business language

Business Dialogues: Startup Pitch

at the end

Influential People
Book & Film Reviews

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